w ith a vision in mind to let the educational doors open for the purpose of bright future of childrens of farmers from rural area,in year 1957 under the banner of Sahyadri shikshan sanstha, Heavenly Govindraoji Nikam planted a small plant named New English School at Sawarde Ratnagiri.The plant now has grown into a tree spreading its branches in all directions.The development done by Heavenly Govindraoji Nikam in the field of education at Ratnagiri district,expansion of institution and the vision in educational field were the reasons that created a respect for him not only in district but throughout the educational field of konkan. Heavenly Govindraoji Nikam received a great respect from peoples of konkan as Shikshan Maharshi.

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SAHEBHon, Govindraoji Nikam, a dynamic and highly efficient personality born in a poor farmers family.  Worked and struggled hard for providing the education to the students of this area. He founded Sahyadri Shikshan Sanstha in 1957 and within a span of 45 years flourished the institute with different faculties providing academic, technical, agricultural and medical education which definitely helped the people in raising their financial status. He is rightly known as “ Shikshan Maharshi” for his contribution in the field of education.

He is a politician and acted as president of Zilla Parishad,  Ratnagiri. His overwhelming contribution in politics led him  to be a member of Parliament twice from Ratnagiri constituency. During his tenure as M.P., he worked as the member of advisory committees of ministries of food, Health as well as Agriculture.

He is also Known as  “Sahakar Maharshi”  as he is closely  related to the co-operative movement in Ratnagiri district. He has founded many co-operative societies and elected as  Director and  President  of Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank. Presently, he is working as President of Ratnagiri Dist. Central Co-operative Bank, Ratnagiri.

His contribution in the field of public health and Agricultural is also considerable. He started mobile dispensary and O.P.D. to serve the people from the remote area by going to their doors. Through the Agril. facility the trainings in various Agro-businesses are being given to the farmers, farm women and rural youth there by making them self-reliant.

He had been awarded with the prestigious “ Vanashree Award” by the Govt. of Maharashtra.

Shekhar-sir-250Young & Dynamic Personality, Presently working as a Chairman of this Trust. He is basically Postgraduate in Agriculture Science. He is agriculturist & in Social work from 2 decades.